Prototype Apple Macintosh Images show up online

Pictures of a classic Macintosh prototype with clear casing has been making the rounds on the internet. @DongleBookPro has uploaded the images along with a tweet on social media.

History shows that the final look of the Macintosh was in beige, and thus the translucent case is considered a rarity. The material allowed people to see the innards of the computer, including the CRT monitor, circuit board and others.

Prototype Apple Macintosh

The casing also showed how there was a lot of space in the rear area and along the curve. @DongleBookPro has not divulged any other information, but it’s common practice in Apple to make their prototypes in transparent cases, which was what happened to the M5120 or Apple Newton.

Prototype Apple Macintosh on side view

If the Macintosh Classic would ever appear in the auction it will be considered rare and typically fetch a huge amount.

Prototype Apple Macintosh at the back.

@DongleBookPro regularly puts up prototypes and unreleased Apple devices on social media. Some of the items shared are a first gen Mac mini and a first gen iPod touch prototype.

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