The Mac Pro Gets ‘First Impression’ Videos on YouTube


Though the official launch is still days ahead, Apple has provided several popular YouTube personalities with the Pro Display XDR and the Mac Pro for unboxing, overview and first impression reasons.

This is the Mac Pro computer by Apple.

YouTube personalities Jonathan Morrison, iJustine and MKBHD will have time to review the machine, which was set up for video editing- 28 core processors, 4TB SSD, 384GB of Memory, 2 Radeon Pro Vega GPUs and an Afterburner.

MKBHD shares with viewers how the new Mac Pro has a new memory management interface, and that the Mac Pro is ‘really fast and really quiet’. iJustine focused mostly on the accessories, including the Magic Keyboard, the Magic Trackpad and the Magic Mouse which come in black and silver color options. For Morrison, it’s all about the Pro Display XDR’s nano-coating technology and echoes the sentiment that the new Mac Pro operates very quietly.

Along with the intro videos the YouTubers are expected to provide comprehensive reviews, benchmarks and hands-on experiences in the following days.

The Mac Pro Gets ‘First Impression’ Videos on YouTube

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