Worldwide Mac shipments saw a 5.1% rise in Q2 2020

According to the estimates shared by Gartner, Apple’s Mac shipments increased 5.1% during the Q2 2020. These new PC shipments estimate also show that there was a rise in shipment in the overall PC market. 

According to the estimates, Lenovo is at number one spot with 16.197 million shipments and HP at the second with 16.165 million shipments. Dell had 10.648 million shipments during Q2 2020. Apple shipped an estimated 4.4 million Macs during the second quarter.

Mac Shipments

Apple shipped 4.2 million Macs during the 2019’s second quarter which means it saw a rise despite the ongoing health crisis across the globe. Apple’s shipments saw a rise as the overall PC shipments saw a 2.8% growth worldwide. Apple is at number four, behind Lenovo, HP, and Dell.

Computer shipment list worldwide.

Apple also saw a growth in Mac shipments in the USA. Apple shipped 2 million units in the USA during the second quarter of 2020. Last year Apple shipped 1.9 million during the second quarter in the USA.  Apple is also at number four position in the USA for its shipments during Q2 2020. HP is at the number one spot with 5 million units, Dell with 3.9 million units and Lenovo with 2.3 million units during the second quarter in the USA.