Apple fixed the keyboard on one of the MacBook Pro, it essentially did so by killing the 15” MacBook Pro and by introducing a new 16” MacBook Pro. The 16” MBP is essentially similar to the 15” MBP with a larger body and of course, a bigger display with some new nifty improvement like the upgraded speaker system, mics, etc.

Macbook Air 2018

The news in the tech town right now is that Apple is also working on bringing the new keyboard mechanism to a smaller MacBook Pro. However, the question now is when will Apple upgrade the MacBook Air to pack the new and reliable scissor switch keyboard mechanism. 

Fly away butterfly!

The butterfly keyboard mechanism first introduced in 2015 along with the MacBook has lasted for a long time. However, it’s time for the keyboard mechanism to die as its one of the most troublesome things in the tech industry with terrible reliability. 

The MacBook Air was last upgraded in 2018 with a new body, design language, and of course the butterfly keyboard was introduced as well. However, Apple has finally accepted that its butterfly keyboard system is not upto the mark and suffers from the worst cases of reliability.

Another big problem with the MacBook Air introduced in 2018 has been that it uses Intel’s Y-series chips which are less powerful compared to the usual U-series chips found on the MacBook Pro and the previous generations of the MacBook Air. It would be nice if Apple could move back to using U-series chips like it did previously on the MacBook Air or move to using its own in-house A-series chips altogether (exciting future).

The MacBook Air at present sells for $1099 which is sort of expensive considering the performance it offers. It would be logical for Apple to introduce powerful chips on the next MacBook Air and reduce the starting price to $999 and please Apple, offer 512GB SSD as the standard option (its 2019).


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