Buy the MacBook Air (256GB) on Amazon for $999

The MacBook Air was last refreshed in 2018 – it received the same design as that of the MacBook Pro but while still keeping the wedge shape. It also got the same butterfly keyboard from the MacBook Pro and the fingerprint reader (TouchID) for quick login and authentication.

While not a major upgrade, Apple did update the MacBook Air in 2019 which brought a new TrueTone display, improved keyboard (according to Apple), and a reduced price. The MacBook Air, when launched in 2018, started at $1199, the company slashed the price of the machine by $100 the next year.

MacBook Air: Decent laptop

Students could get the MacBook Air for $999 (the base model). The $1099 model only gives 128GB of storage and bumping up the storage to 256 GB means an additional $200. The MacBook Air while a decent laptop struggles to justify the price as it uses Intel’s “Y-series” which are inferior to the commonly used U-series chips.

2018 MacBook Air has relatively thin bezels
2018 MacBook Air has relatively thin bezels

Also, the processor used in the MacBook Air is a dual-core chip and not to mention the problems with the keyboard. The price and all the problems aside, the MacBook Air runs macOS and that is the sole reason that keeps people buying the machine regardless of its issues.

The good news, however, is that the MacBook Air with 256GB of storage is now being sold for $999 on Amazon. The deal is just too good to ignore, of course, it’s still expensive given its inferior internals and problems with the keyboard. Nonetheless, if you have been thinking of buying this specific version of the MacBook Air, you should not miss out on this deal.

Do not buy the 128GB MacBook Air as macOS will take approximately 30 GB of space and installing applications and updates will take some more. It will leave the user with around 80GB of space which is too low and can result in “storage low” notifications.

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