Apple launched its updated lineup of Macs last month – the MacBook Air, the MacBook Pro, and the Mac Mini. The common thing between all the three machines is that they are powered by Apple’s M1 chip which is a custom chip created by Apple based on the ARM64 architecture. All three machines are great but the MacBook Air stands out as the best all-rounder machine.

MacBook Air (M1) is the best laptop

The MacBook Air starts at $999 and it offers stupendously great performance as confirmed by tech reviewers and YouTubers. The MacBook Air does not have a fan whereas the MacBook Pro has a fan for longer speed bursts. The MacBook Pro has the advantage of running at higher clock speeds for a longer time whereas the MacBook Air will start throttling to keep the chassis cool.

MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro

However, the MacBook Air is so powerful that most users will not require the apps they use to run for longer periods of time. Also, the other frustrating thing about the MacBook Pro is the TouchBar which many find to be barely usable. Nonetheless, if you like the TouchBar, sure go ahead and buy the MacBook Pro. 

MacBook Air (M1) is the best laptop

The TouchBar is an extremely expensive addition to the MacBook Pro and by avoiding the MacBook Pro, users can save a lot of money by investing in the MacBook Air. Both the machines share the same processor, so there is not much difference except for longer powerful runs. 

Apple claims that the MacBook Pro packs a slightly larger battery but according to notable reviewers such as WSJ’s Joanna Stern, there is not much difference in real life scenarios. Also, the MacBook Pro has a slightly brighter display but the MacBook Air is not really dull in the first case.

So, if you like the TouchBar and do not mind spending a little extra, get the MacBook Pro. But for others, the MacBook Air is the best laptop, period.


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