MacBook Air is the best productivity laptop

The MacBook Air had become the de facto laptop for many years for many users. However, Apple ignored the MacBook Air for a few years but then introduced a radically new model in 2018. But it just was not as revolutionary as the previous generation and it suffered from major issues such as keys not working, heating up, and many more.

The 2020 M1 MacBook Air completely changes the scenario. It brings in a very efficient processor made by Apple – the M1 – the first consumer Apple silicon for Mac. Apple previously released a Mac Mini with the A12Z chip but it was only for developers. The MacBook Air now does not have a fan as the chip can execute heavy operations without generating a lot of heat.

MacBook Air is the best productivity laptop

Same design, newer internals

The new MacBook Air starts at the same price tag of $999 (USD) and $899 for students (and people in the field of education). However, the price tag makes much more sense than it has made in the last two years since the last major update. The design of the MacBook Air is unchanged from the 2018 model but the internals are completely new.

MacBook Air is the best productivity laptop

Tech reviewers have tested the M1 MacBook Air and have said that it is capable of performing tasks like video editing with Final Cut Pro and XCode operation better than the 16” MacBook Pro. For reference, the 16” MacBook Pro starts at $2,399 whereas the base model MacBook Air costs just $999.

The MacBook Air is able to pack a lot of performance without a fan for a very low price. It has absolutely shaken the computer industry. There is of course more to the story, the MacBook Air, according to Apple can last for 15 hours on web usage and 18 hours with Apple TV playback. Tech reviewers have confirmed Apple’s claims which means it’s not a market gimmick but that the battery life numbers resonate in the real world scenarios as well.

MacBook Air is once again the “de facto” machine. The battery life, the performance, the screen quality, and a lot more, make it the best productive machine for the price.