Redesigned MacBook Air in the works

Apple is reportedly working a new design for the MacBook Air which will feature smaller bezels around the display and a completely flat body. The information was leaked by Bloomberg’s noted Apple reporter Mark Gurman last week. Gurman has a very strong track record at revealing details of unreleased Apple products.

The upcoming MacBook Air will reportedly be a higher end version. Apple already updated the MacBook Air last year by adding an in-house made chip and made the machine completely fanless. The M1 chip on the MacBook offers high performance compared to the previously used Intel chips while also being very power efficient. 

MacBook Air (2021) representational image

More compact, more powerful

By reducing the bezels of the next MacBook Air, Apple will be able to make the machine smaller and lighter as well. The current generation MacBook Air is already a very compact machine which can be easily carried out anywhere. The next MacBook Air could make the laptop as small as the old 12” MacBook which has since been killed.

The redesigned MacBook Air will also very likely be more expensive than the current generation MacBook Air which starts at $999 (USD). Apple has always priced its redesigned products higher while keeping the older generation around for a lower price. If we take into account the 2018 MacBook Air, the upcoming MacBook Air could be priced at $1,199 (USD).

12" MacBook
12″ MacBook

Bloomberg’s Gurman also added that the next generation MacBook Air will support MagSafe charging. However, it’s not clear why Apple would bring back the old magnetic charging mechanism as the world has moved on with USB-C charging. Apple was one of the first laptop makers to use USB-C for charging with the 12” MacBook. Since then, all the MacBooks have been moved to use USB-C for charging, data transfer, and all other purposes.

The redesigned MacBook Air will reportedly release in late 2021 or early 2022.