Redesigned MacBook Air leaked by Jon Prosser

The notorious Apple products leakster Jon Prosser has once again hit. This time, he says that he has received pictures of the upcoming and unreleased MacBook Air. To protect his source, he always asks a render creator to make fresh renders based on the leaked product images. The renders of the next generation unreleased MacBook Air show a slightly redesigned laptop with various colour offerings.

Jon Prosser said that the next version of the MacBook Air will be offered in various colours and added that the display will have a white border instead of the standard black border. The design scheming appears to follow the recently launched 24” iMac which is offered in various colours and also has a white border. However, not many people appear to appreciate the fact that the border around the display is white which can be distracting.

A major refresh incoming: new colours

The design of the MacBook Air has remained largely unchanged since 2018 when the company also brought the Butterfly Keyboard to the laptop. However, since then, the company removed the Butterfly Keyboard in favour of a traditional scissor switch keyboard named the Magic Keyboard. Apple usually uses the same designs for its Mac computer for years while changing the internals. The design of the MacBook Air was the same from 2010 till 2017 before the revamp in 2018 which modernized the laptop.

MacBook Air (2021) Renders by Jon Prosser
MacBook Air (2021) Renders by Jon Prosser

According to Prosser, the upcoming redesigned MacBook Air will have a completely flat design – a key aspect of the MacBook Air to be no more. Since the first iteration of the MacBook Air in 2008, the laptop has had a wedge shaped design. It was first unveiled by the then Apple CEO Steve Jobs by pulling it out of an office envelope.

MacBook Air revolutionized the laptop industry by setting a new standard in 2008. The 2010 MacBook Air was one of the best iterations and then followed by the 2013 iteration which had a stupendous battery backup.

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