When will Apple release MacBook Air with scissor keyboard?

2018 MacBook Air
2018 MacBook Air

Apple last updated the MacBook Air at its 2018 October Mac/iPad event. The refresh saw the company use a new design while still maintaining the “wedge” theme. The machine also got a much sharper Retina display along with TouchID for easier login and payments. The most unwelcome change was the addition of butterfly keyboard mechanism.

The 2015 MacBook introduced the butterfly keyboard to the world and there on out, all the MacBooks have had the same keyboard mechanism. However, the hatred towards the butterfly keyboard is due to the fact that most of the keys fail to work on a good percentage of  units of the laptop.

Oh boy, here we go again!

When will Apple release MacBook Air with scissor keyboard? 1

Many users have reported that the keys get stuck and also that they enter a non-operable condition. Joanna Stern of WSJ took a jab at Apple job offering substandard keyboards on their premium laptops with a premium price. The result was an outpouring of anger from users suffering from the same issue.

It’s just been a year since the big updation of the MacBook Air but it appears that we are already looking at a major overhaul of the machine. Kuo, the noted Apple analyst, and many other sources have confirmed the existence of Apple’s continued work on a new MacBook Air with a solid keyboard.

Worldwide Developers Conference

When will Apple release MacBook Air with scissor keyboard? 2

The reports point to a mid 2020 release of the next MacBook Air. We will probably see Apple unveil the new MacBook Air with a scissor mechanism keyboard at next year’s WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference). 

Prior to that, Kuo expects Apple to release a 16” MacBook Pro with the rumoured new scissor mechanism keyboard. The machine is expected to retail for more than $3,000 at launch. It will supposedly be the “top-end” laptop the company will have to offer. 

The Mac Pro is also scheduled to hit the stores anytime now.