Apple will move to mini LED display on 2020 MacBooks, says Kuo

As October nears, Apple users and fans grow excited because it’s the Mac month. Of course it’s usually the iPad month as well but this year is expected to be crucial for the Mac. Apple is expected to unveil a new range of MacBooks with improved keyboard design. 

However, Apple appears to be already working on its 2020/2021 Mac lineup. In a fresh report by KGI Securities’ Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo notes that Apple will release iPads and MacBooks in 2021 which will use mini LED displays.

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According to Kuo, by moving to mini LED, Apple will be able to rely on LG for its display whereas for OLED it would have to rely on Samsung. Apple has long standing issues with Samsung as its one of the biggest competitors in the smartphone world. Both companies have had “patent related” issues since the Steve Jobs era.

A phenomenal shift in quality

MacBook Pro 16-inch
MacBook Pro 16-inch

Mini LED reportedly offer higher contrast over LCD, similar to that of OLED. However, unlike OLEDs, mini LED displays do not suffer from screen “burn ins”. OLED burn in refers to the permanent damage of the display when an image is left open on the screen for a very long time. OLEDs require the screen to refresh the content after a specific period of time and not doing so leads to burn-in.

Kuo also adds that mini LED will soon turn the gold standard in the productivity devices market and expects Apple’s competitors also to follow the company’s path to offer mini LED with their products as well.  He goes on to add that, mini LED will be Apple’s first choice but (according to some investors) if it does not work, then the company could consider mid-sized OLED panels

But before the 2020 MacBook Pro, we are eagerly waiting for the 2019 MacBooks which are expected to fix the keyboard issues.