Apple may launch 14″ MacBook Pro in 2021

Apple shocked the world by releasing a very subtle MacBook Pro 13” updated model. Enthusiasts were expecting a refreshed 14” MacBook Pro with trimmed bezels to accommodate a larger screen on the same footprint. The rumours sparked after Apple ditched the 15” MacBook Pro in favour of the 16” MacBook Pro – it also cut the bezels by a small factor.

The new 13” MacBook Pro is a very controversial product as some of its models use Intel’s 8th generation processor and to get the 10th generation Intel processors, users will have to choose the more expensive models. The company did not get the pricing of the newer 13” MacBook Pro right.

Apple MacBook Pro

Another aspect of the MacBook Pro that is not liked by the masses is the TouchBar. Apple introduced the TouchBar in 2016 with the MacBook refresh but it has not received much love and a lot of people have called it an unnecessary $300 addition. It would be better if the company ditches the TouchBar to reduce the price of the MacBook Pro or at-least offer non TouchBar models as well.

The big question being asked by Apple enthusiasts and fans is whether the company will release a 14” MacBook Pro anytime soon. It’s difficult to predict anytime soon as the company very recently updated the 13” MacBook Pro. If we are asked to comment, we would say that Apple could launch a 14” MacBook Pro in 2021.

It would be very logical for Apple to ditch the 13” MacBook Pro in favour of a 14” MacBook Pro as professional users prefer larger screens. For people that prefer smaller screens, Apple already offers the MacBook Air. It would simplify the Mac lineup and also differentiate its product lines – removes the inflexion point.

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