16″ MacBook Pro launch imminent, report confirms

A new MacBook Pro with improved keyboard design is one of the most awaited product refreshes in the tech industry. Apple has been under fire for not making upto the mark keyboards on all of its MacBooks. The company is reportedly working on making the switch to a more reliable keyboard system step-by-step. According to multiple reports by Kuo, the famous KGI-Securities Apple analyst, the MacBook Pro will receive the new keyboard treatment first and Apple will update the other MacBooks after few months.

October is known for Apple releasing new iPads and Macs. We highly expect the company to launch a new 16” MacBook Pro with improved keyboard design.Also, DigiTimes reported that it had obtained a report which stated that the 16” MacBook Pros have already begun shipping and Apple is very likely to unveil the product very soon.

MacBook Pro

macOS Catalina provides solid information

16″ MacBook Pro launch imminent, report confirms

If the leaked reports are not sufficient to believe that Apple will release a new MacBook Pro, a Mac developer found icons of a larger MacBook with thin bezels in the latest macOS Catalina beta version. It largely confirms the fact that we are indeed very close to seeing a new MacBook Pro hit the stores very soon.

Another interesting piece of leaked information pertaining to new 16” MacBook Pro is that the laptop will reportedly ship with a powerful 96W charger for fast charging. Battery life is an important aspect while judging a laptop and fast charging has largely changed the scenario with some companies opting for smaller batteries along with fast charging. By doing so, devices do not have to thick and heavy while being perfectly capable of a quick battery top-up.

MBP 16″ is right around the corner

MacBook Scissor Switch Keyboards

Will Apple hold an event to announce the 16” MacBook Pro? It’s unclear as of yet. Judging by the Apple’s previous product launches, the company is known for unveiling new products at dedicated events. However, we are almost nearing the end of October and the company usually sends out press invites well over a week prior to the event.

Event or not, we are positive that Apple will launch a new MacBook with improved keyboard mechanism.