MacBook Pro 16″ could release on September 10th


The world has been waiting for a redesigned MacBook Pro for a very long time now. Since the debacle of the ‘butterfly keyboard’ beginning 2016 MacBook Pro. To be clear, it was the 2015 MacBook which first used the faulty keyboard mechanism. Since then, all MacBooks have inherited the keyboard design and have faced (& continue to face) multiple issues.

MacBook Pro

At present, its highly being reported that Apple will release a completely reworked 16-inch MacBook Pro. It will reportedly sport a new scissor keyboard mechanism which will still be as thin as the current generation butterfly keyboard. Of course, the other big thing people would clamour about would be the bigger 16-inch screen.

Super Retina?

MacBook Pro Display Backlight Service Program

The current generation MacBooks already sport tiny bezels around the display. Beginning with the 16-inch MacBook Pro could be the age of ‘almost bezel-less’ MacBook screens. Apple will also very likely place a display panel of higher resolution and better colour reproduction. The wider P3 color gamut screen are already pretty great on the current MacBooks.

Internally, the MacBook Pro 16 could use the top Intel processors – the i7 and/or the i9 chips. As previously rumoured, will Apple switch to ARM chips with the 16-inch MacBook Pro? Well, it would seem as a perfect time for Apple to do so with a fresh laptop. However, reports by notable analysts suggest that the company will not make the transition until 2020 or 2021.

No thermal throttling, please!

MacBook Pro 16″ could release on September 10th

Thermal throttling has been a big issue on the recent MacBook Pro, especially with top-end Core i9 models. The body of the MacBook Pros being very thin, results in less amount of space for proper airflow and on the other hand, the i9 processor being a “beast” in terms of performance, heats up quickly. It’ll be nice to see Apple not make its Pro laptops even thinner which will suffer from the same problems as its ancestors.

The 16” MacBook Pro is speculated to release at Apple’s September 10th ‘Special Event’ alongside the iPhone 11. However, the company could also decide to hold-off releasing the MacBook Pro until October, following the usual Mac upgrade cycle. The 16” MacBook Pro is expected to retail for $3,000+.


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