Apple set to launch 13″ MacBook Pro with ARM processor (2020)

Abhay Ram
By Abhay Ram - News Editor
Apple set to launch 13″ MacBook Pro with ARM processor (2020)
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Apple unveiled its major plan to move from Intel chips to using its own ‘A series’ chips based on ARM architecture. The announcement was made during the company’s annual developers conference. Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2020 was held as an online only event this year due to the coronavirus outbreak.

During the keynote of WWDC, Apple showed off a Mac running on an ARM based chip and also showed some apps running on it. The company has already begun shipping ARM based Mac Minis to developers that have opted-in for the program. The ARM based Mac Mini uses Apple’s A12Z Bionic chip found in the iPad Pro.

Apple set to launch 13″ MacBook Pro with ARM processor (2020)

Tim Cook had said that Apple will release ARM based Macs “later this year” during WWDC 2020 keynote. Since then, multiple Apple leaksters and bloggers have reported that the company is set to launch two Mac computers later this year.

Reports by major Apple analysts suggest that Apple will launch a 13” MacBook Pro equipped with an ARM processor. It’s clear that ARM chips are much more powerful compared to Intel when taking into account power consumption or heat generation. ARM chips consume less power and run coolly even without a proper cooling system.

The upcoming 13” MacBook Pro with an ARM based chip could change the complete laptop industry. Apple will essentially be shaking down the whole computer industry as it releases a powerful compact machine – performance of which will be unmatchable.

Some people believe that Apple will finally introduce touchscreen displays on Mac as the company moves to using ARM chips. While it’s a strong possibility, we do not think Apple will release any touch-enabled Macs this year. Apple could essentially be looking at introducing touch input support Macs in the year 2022 – the year when the Mac’s transition from Intel to ARM chips will wrap up.

By Abhay Ram News Editor
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