13″ MacBook Pro is an awkward middle child

Apple released the first batch of M1 Mac computers in November last year. At the event, the company launched the MacBook Air, the 13” MacBook Pro (base model), and the Mac mini – all equipped with the first non-Intel chip in a Mac since 2006. None of the machines are actually intended for “Pro” type of workflows, even including the 13” MacBook Pro.

The 13” MacBook Pro is a medium power laptop which sits in between the MacBook Air and the 16” MacBook Pro. While the current generation 16” MacBook Pro is not powered by an Apple chip, it is still decently faster and more powerful than the M1 chip. However, Apple is expected to release an updated 16” MacBook Pro with a new M1X (rumoured) which will offer high performance with high power efficiency.

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MacBook Air is the best laptop for light to medium work

The best MacBook to purchase at the moment happens to be the MacBook Air because of the value it provides for the money asked. It costs $999 (USD) and it ships with the M1 chip which is much more powerful than the previous generation which was powered by an Intel i5 chip. While the MacBook Air is not very powerful, it offers decent performance for the price. Also, it is a very good package with quality hardware such as an excellent display, excellent speakers, excellent body, and a lot more which is very compelling at $999 and just $899 for students or people working in the education sectors.

M1 MacBook Air is the best laptop at $999
M1 MacBook Air is the best laptop at $999

On the other hand, the M1 13” MacBook Pro has a fan built-in which is supposed to offer high performance for long periods of time and it also has the Touch Bar. While the fan might be advantageous, the Touch Bar is not a major disadvantage of the 13” MacBook Pro, as it is very troublesome and Apple is expected to remove it from the upcoming 2021 MacBook Pro models.