Upcoming MacBook Pro models to be powered by M-series chips


Apple is expected to unveil new revamped MacBook Pro models later this year. The most interesting point to note is that, all the upcoming laptops will be powered by Apple Silicon or basically M-series chips designed by the company. At present, the 16” MacBook Pro is powered by Intel chips and also the top-tier configurations of the 13” MacBook Pro.

Upcoming MacBook Pro models to be powered by M-series chips

The M1 MacBook Air shook the world by offering world class performance in a thin body with no fan, all while being priced at $999 (USD). It will be interesting to see the kind of raw performance the new MacBook Pro models will bring to the market with new chips. Some analysts have suggested that the company will release a new chip named something like the M1X or the M1Z – powerful versions of the M1 chip. Apple has previously used similar naming to distinguish the chips made for the iPhone and the iPad.

Return of the ports and MagSafe

The upcoming MacBook Pro will also feature a completely new design. Bloomberg has said that the next generation MacBook Pro will have multiple ports apart from just the USB-C ports as on the current generation Mac laptops. The MacBook Pros will be available in two sizes  – 14 inch and 16 inch. The 14” MacBook Pro will be an interesting machine, as analysts have said that the machine will have a slightly larger screen compared to the current generation 13” MacBook Pro but will have smaller bezels around the screen to keep the laptop compact.

14.1" MacBook Pro with Mini-LED
16″ MacBook Pro with Mini-LED expected [Image for representational purposes]

It’s unclear what design changes Apple will specifically make to the MacBook models apart from increasing the size of the smaller MacBook Pro model. Several sources have also reported that the upcoming MacBook Pro models will use a new Mini-LED display technology instead of the currently used LCD display technology.

Apple could unveil the new MacBook Pro models at WWDC in June or hold a Mac hardware event sometime in the month of October or November like last year.


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