Apple updated its MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini at its November event. The company had announced at its developers conference (WWDC) in 2021 that it would be transitioning to its own chips based on the ARM64 architecture. 

Apple MacBook Pro

The first Mac Soc based on the ARM64 architecture is the M1 chip. It powers the MacBook Air, the lower end version of the MacBook Pro, and the Mac Mini. It is yet to be seen the kind of performance the Apple Silicon chips will bring to the true “Pro” grade machines.

True Pro Apple Silicon Macs are coming

The higher specced version of the MacBook Pro which has four USB-C/Thunderbolt ports still uses Intel based chips. Apple analysts have predicted that the company will release a much faster chip to power the 16” MacBook Pro and also the top tier version of the 13” MacBook Pro. 

Also, it has long been rumored that the 13” MacBook Pro will be replaced by a 14” MacBook Pro with thinner bezels. Apple did the same thing last year by ditching the 15” MacBook Pro and introducing the 16” MacBook Pro with much smaller bezels. 

M1X could power the upcoming 16″ MacBook Pro
MacBook Pro 13 inch 2019

However, the rumors surrounding the 14” MacBook Pro have been making rounds for a very long time and it’s unclear whether it will actually happen. But of course, Apple will very soon ditch the thicker bezels on the 13” MacBook Pro if it continues to use the same screen size.

The chip to power these true Pro machines could be the M1X chip. A lot of tech blogs and YouTubers have started using the name “M1X” to predict features of the upcoming Macs. It’s plausible that Apple will use such a naming scheme – it has used the same for its iPad lineup. The lower end iPad 10.2” uses the A12 chip whereas the iPad Pro has used the A12X and now uses the A12Z.


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