MacBook Pro & MacBook Air with new keyboard design to ship in 2020

The jokes on you Apple! It’s Techtober- Microsoft Google have released their new laptops. During the keynote, they emphasised on how quiet the keys on their laptops and also talked about the good amount of key travel they offer. Apple on the other hand, offers the butterfly keyboard mechanism on their laptops which have less travel space to reduce the thickness of the laptop.

For months now, a lot of people planning to buy a new MacBook have been holding onto their money as various reports suggested an October release of a MacBook with new keyboard design. The new 16 inch MacBook Pro has been the centre of attention on the internet with people taking to forums to show their love.

MacBook Pro & MacBook Air with new keyboard design to ship in 2020

A long wait for the new keyboard design

MacBook Scissor Switch Keyboards

However, multiple new reports by various sources, including analyst Kuo of KGI Securities, suggests that Apple will not release a new MacBook until the second half of 2020. It’s disappointing. I have personally been waiting for the new MacBooks with reliable keyboard design and I don’t think I can wait any longer.

Apple October Special Event?

There has always been some disbelief in the report which stated an October release for the new MacBooks as Apple has already slightly refreshed its MacBook Pro and MacBook Air earlier this year. Also, the company killed the 12 inch MacBook so as to simplify their offerings lineup.

MacBook Pro & MacBook Air with new keyboard design to ship in 2020

Reports suggest that by the end of 2020, all MacBooks will use a new scissor mechanism keyboard as part of the refresh by Apple. It could initially only be the 16 inch MacBook Pro with a price tag of more than $3,000. It could be followed by refresh of the 13 inch MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air. It’s unclear as to whether Apple will keep or kill the 15 inch MacBook Pro as there will be little or no difference between the 16 inch MacBook Pro.