16″ MacBook Pro (M1 Max) users face charging issues (via MagSafe)

The new 16” MacBook Pro powered by the company’s latest silicon – M1 Pro and M1 Max – appears to be plagued with issues related to charging and display output. A small set of users report that when the laptop is completely shut, the machine does not charge while another set of users complaint about the machine not waking up from sleep when in clamshell mode.

Apple reintroduced its popular magnetic charging system MagSafe on the 16” MacBook Pro. There appears to be a problem with the new mechanism; a Redditor posted a video showing a M1 Mac 16” MacBook Pro not charging when it is powered off. The video shows the MagSafe connector flashing the “orange” light which indicates the laptop is not charging normally.

Apple Support team comes to the rescue

The Redditor goes onto add that the Apple Support staff is working on finding a fix for the charging issue. As a temporary fix, the company has reportedly recommended users facing such an issue to follow the steps mentioned below:

Charge the MacBook Pro while in sleep mode

Charge the MacBook Pro with the lid open

Attach the MagSafe cable, before shutting down the MacBook Pro


The problem of charging the 16” MacBook Pro (M1 Max) appears to be only affecting the MagSafe port. The laptop supports charging via the USB-C ports and they work flawlessly for charging. It is unclear whether the issue is present in the software (something which can be fixed via an update) or if it is an hardware issue (which requires recalling the MagSafe charger or the 2021 16” MacBook Pro).

Users facing the display issue when the M1 Max MacBook Pro is placed in clamshell mode, claim that it could be a bug in macOS Monterey. However, some also report that the problem actually lies in the hardware of the new MacBook Pro machines.  

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