MacBook Pro 14″ still a possibility

Abhay Ram
By Abhay Ram  - News Editor
Apple MacBook Pro

Earlier this year, it was reported by multiple sources that Apple was working on a new 14” MacBook Pro. However, all of those rumours and reports went down the drain when the company released an updated 13” MacBook Pro instead.

Apple changed the form factor of the larger MacBook Pro by replacing the 15” version with an all new 16” version late last year. It was thought plausible that the company would do the same with the 13” MacBook Pro. 

Apple MacBook Pro

However, the bigger question now is whether the upcoming 13” MacBook Pro with ARM processor will replace the Intel model or whether Apple will continue to have a seperate Intel line with a possibility of a 14” model. If Apple does release a 14” Intel based MacBook Pro, it would make sense for the company to use the same design language in ARM based MacBook Pros as well.

But the reports by Apple analysts suggest a 13” MacBook Pro using an ARM based chip is set to release later this year. However, it would not be surprising to see Apple take us by surprise as there is still no concrete information about Apple Silicon Macs out in the world.

Apple has showcased the capabilities of ARM based Apple Silicon Macs but did not reveal much information. The company ended its developers keynote at WWDC by adding that, first batch of Apple Silicon Macs will be released later this year.

Some have even gone on to speculate that Apple will release touch-input supported Macs this year. However, we think Apple will not do so until 2022 – the year when Apple’s transition to Apple Silicon from Intel is supposed to complete.

We know that Apple is set to launch a 13” MacBook Pro form factor ARM based laptop but could the company pull a 14” MacBook Pro as a surprise? Difficult to say.

By Abhay Ram News Editor
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