MacBook Pro 16″ expected to release in October 2019

With October approaching, the most awaited event in the Mac world is fast nearing. Apple always usually updates its Mac products and iPad products at its October event after the yearly iPhone release. This year should very well be the same, however this year is going to be big for the MacBooks if the rumours and leaked reports are any indication.

If the netizens comments on news articles and forum discussion are to be believed, then many have been keeping their money in the wallet to spend on new MacBooks. The current MacBooks have been under fire from critics and users as well for their trashy keyboards. The butterfly keyboard on the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air are known to fail in a very short amount of time on most units.

MacBook Pro

When will we stop talking about the keyboards?

MacBook Scissor Switch Keyboards

Apart from the keyboard issues, MacBook Pro users have also complained about the TouchBar being an expensive and unnecessary component in the laptop. Repairs of the TouchBar are expensive and a lot of people prefer the traditional function keys over spending extra dollars. It’s unclear whether Apple will offer a non-TouchBar model in the future as it killed the last non-TouchBar model earlier this year.

According to Kuo and Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple is hard at work creating a new 16 inch MacBook Pro with a revamped keyboard design. It will be an expensive machine with an expected retail price of above $3,000 (USD). The big news here is the reworked keyboard design, of course a bigger 16” display will be the “talk of the town” but a fix is much more valued than a new feature.


If you are planning to buy a new MacBook Pro anytime soon, then it would be worth it to wait and see whether Apple will release a reworked keyboard design. There has also been news about Apple changing the keyboard design of the MacBook Air but it’s unclear whether that’ll happen this year or the next.