Apple should remove the iSight camera from MacBook Pro


The camera on the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air are not particularly great. The company has a bad track record when it comes to webcam on their laptops. The 2015 MacBook was trolled for its “potato” like quality of the webcam.

New Apple MacBook Pro

The newly launched 16” MacBook Pro appears to be no different. Well, the camera on the 16” MacBook Pro is not as bad as the one found on the 12” MacBook but it’s still a 720p camera. Apple does not appear to thinking about the iSight camera at all and is just placing the same module from its previous generation laptops.

Snapchat 3D Selfie Exclusive to Users of iPhone X and Above

Well, the company cannot be blamed because not many people use the camera on their laptop much anymore. Since the smartphone revolution (thanks to the iPhone), people tend to use the camera on their phone for video calling as well and not just for their casual photography and videography.

The webcam is not very useful anymore

So, here’s a proposition: if the company does find the iSight camera to be not the most important aspect of the laptop and of course, with people using it less and less, it would be a sensible move for the company to make the webcam optional or completely remove it. 

The MacBook Pro does not require a webcam, the machine is used for tasks like coding, designing, video editing and much more. Of course, it would be nice to have a camera just in case but almost everyone now uses their smartphone or tablet for various tasks and it would not hurt to switch to that device for video calling completely.

By doing so, Apple could essentially reduce the bezel around the display and maybe also reduce the cost of the product a tad bit. Also, the users will never have to worry about the laptops getting hacked and their video feed being accessed by someone else (no more taping the webcam).


Abhay Ram

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