13″ MacBook Pro with scissor keyboard to release soon

It has long been rumoured and reported that Apple is working on bringing the Magic Keyboard to all of its MacBooks. Last year, the 15” MacBook Pro was replaced with a new 16” MacBook Pro with a scissor switch keyboard. 

Apple’s SVP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller revealed in an interview with YouTuber Jonathan Morrison that the butterfly keyboard mechanism on its MacBooks were a mistake. As a result, the new Magic Keyboard for the 16” MacBook Pro was created.

Now, the internet is filled with rumours about the refresh for the 13” MacBook Pro which will receive the same Magic Keyboard treatment. Some tech enthusiasts have also suggested the possibility of Apple ditching the 13” in favour of a larger 14” MacBook Pro.

The new MacBook Pros will of course be powered by Intel’s latest generation processors – 10th gen Ice Lake. We expect Apple to ditch the 128GB base model in favour of 256GB or 512GB for the base model. It’s ridiculous to offer 128GB of storage in 2020 when we record video in 4K which takes up a lot of space and applications & games take a lot of space too.

Well, of course the cloud is the future but the future is not here yet. We still need a decent amount of storage and hopefully Apple does not skyrocket the price. In 2016, when Apple released the MacBook Pros, the price of the machines was higher than the previous generation machines.

The TouchBar on the MacBook Pros is of course an unnecessary and expensive addition. It would be nice if Apple could completely ditch the touch navigation bar and reduce the price of its machines.

We strongly think that Apple will release the new 13” MacBook Pro in March. However, it’s also possible that Apple could decide to hold on to the release till June in time for WWDC.

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