16″ MacBook Pro should use the camera from iPhone 11

The MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air have been upgraded multiple times over the course of five years now. The design has not changed drastically over the years but the internals have been upgraded multiple times. However, the one aspect of the laptop that is ignored is the webcam.

The webcam on the current generation MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air is a HD 720p camera. It’s not 1080p and that’s a shame in 2019, as smartphone cameras are getting better and better. However, the cameras on laptops don’t seem to receive the same kind of love.

16″ MacBook Pro should use the camera from iPhone 11

Of course, people don’t use the camera on their laptop as much as they use the camera on their phones. Smartphone cameras are used to take pictures that were once thought could be taken only from a DSLR and also with front cameras turning out to be almost as good as the rear camera, selfie shots are turning out to be a delight.

No love for the laptops?

Well then, why is Apple leaving the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air in a lurch with a 720p iSight camera? The new 16” MacBook Pro uses some sophisticated set of microphones to create what Apple likes to call “studio like” recording. However, if a user is to video call, the audio feed would definitely be of high quality due to the new microphones whereas the video feed would look almost bland.

Apple does not have a strong reputation when it comes to cameras on laptops. In 2015, when the company had launched the 12” MacBook, tech reviewers trolled the machine for packing a 480p webcam. The machine cost well over $1,000 making it one of the more expensive options and the fact that it did not even support 720p video calling/recording was a shame.

Will the iSight camera scenario on the MacBooks change in 2020?

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