Apple to update MacBook Pro at WWDC

Jon Prosser known for leaking Apple products, revealed on Twitter that updates to the MacBook Pro could be coming at WWDC. The company recently released an updated MacBook Air but did not update the 13” MacBook Pro.

Last year, Apple ditched the 15” MacBook Pro in favor of a new 16” MacBook Pro. However, the big new highlights of the 16” MacBook Pro were the new Magic Keyboard, improved thermal management, and a bigger battery.

Final blow to the butterfly keyboard

The upgraded keyboard was the most important change to the 16” MacBook Pro as the butterfly keyboard on the 15” MacBook Pro suffered from various issues. Apple first released the butterfly keyboard in 2015 with the 12” MacBook and later added the keyboard mechanism to all of its laptops.

MacBook Scissor Switch Keyboards

Apple also ditched the butterfly keyboard on the MacBook Air by bringing over the Magic Keyboard over from the 16” MacBook Pro. However, the 13” MacBook Pro still uses the troubled butterfly keyboard and an update to the machine is imminent.

Prosser’s detailing of Apple’s upcoming annual developer’s conference seems plausible as the company could use the stage to show off new machines for developers. MacBook Pro is the prefered machine for most coders, designers, and video makers.

MacBook Air with updated keyboard
MacBook Air with updated keyboard

The MacBook Air is great for basic uses like web browsing, writing, and emails. For anything more task intensive, the MacBook Pro is the preferred choice as it uses a more powerful processor and graphics while also providing a better cooling system (thermal management).

This year, Apple will be holding a virtual WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The company has not revealed the schedule of the event yet. However, it will very likely be held in the month of June, if we take into consideration the previous years’ events.

Some tech blogs have also suggested that Apple will ditch the 13” MacBook Pro in favour of a 14” MacBook Pro. Take the rumours with a grain of salt.

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