MacBook upgrade for business platform launches

Apple has formally introduced a new program for Apple partners and small businesses for easy distribution and upgrade of MacBooks.

In partnership with CIT, Apple has opened a Mac Upgrade Program which allows Apple Business Partners to obtain and distribute 13 inch MacBook Pro, 13 inch MacBook Air, 14 inch MacBook Pro and 16 inch MacBook Pro models to their staff at 3% of retail price in monthly installments.

The 16 inch and 14 inch MacBook Pro models are priced $75 and $60 per month, while the 13 inch MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models are priced $39 and $30 per month. Currently, the Mac desktop is not available in the program.

Small businesses can apply for the MacBook Upgrade Program through the official website. Once approved, Apple will be handling the processing and shipping.

Apple has a similar program for the iPhone, where customers can get new iPhones at a monthly price.

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