MacBooks still use 720p webcams

Apple makes two MacBook lines at the moment – MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. However, the company likes to show off the MacBook Pro 16” as a seperate line (previously, the 13 inch MacBook Pro and 15 inch MacBook Pro would be shown as one). The laptops are very well built and some are extraordinarily powerful but the webcams on these machines are still the old 720p sensors.

The new MacBook Air was released on 18th of March 2020 but Apple did not update the webcam with this new update and has stuck to using the same old 720p camera. The 16 inch MacBook Pro was released last year, in the month of November and the case with the 16 inch MacBook Pro as well – no update to the webcam.

MacBooks still use 720p webcams

Apple’s phones have some of the best cameras in the industry. The iPhone 11 Pro has three cameras on the back – a wide sensor, an ultrawide sensor, and a telephoto lens. On the front, the current generation iPhones have 12 megapixel sensors which are capable of recording 4K footage at 60fps.

The current generation MacBooks are not bad by any means. The recently released MacBook Air brought some much needed improvements to the keyboard and also to the performance & storage while also reducing the price. The 16 inch MacBook Pro which was released last year added a bigger battery, improved the thermals of the laptop, and is extremely powerful.

The Mac is doing really well at the moment. However, Apple does have to update the 13 inch MacBook Pro which still uses the troubled butterfly keyboard. The TouchBar on the MacBook Pros is also problematic to a lot of people as it does not always work. However, the MacBooks are generally good and it would be nice if Apple could finally add improved 1080p webcams on these machines.