Apple has released Big Sur 11.2.1 for the macOS. It’s the third major update for the macOS Big Sur since its launch in November.


Big Sur 11.2.1 adds a fix that allows users to continually charge their 2016 and 2017 MacBook Pro. The included support document states how some 2017 and 2016 MacBook Pro laptops will have a bug that prevents their batteries from getting charged upwards of 1 percent. With the update affected users should not have this experience anymore.

Aside from the battery patch the new update fixes a serious security vulnerability. Affected MacBook Pro users will receive a ‘Service Recommended’ message and will need to call to get a battery replacement for free.

The full release notes of the 11.2.1 software can be viewed on Apple’s official website. macOS Big Sur users can now download 11.2.1 by going to System Preferences, then Software Update. It’s recommended that the device is plugged in or above 50% in battery while the update is taking place.


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