macOS Catalina Beta Gets New Screensaver

macOS screensavers don’t get too much attention (and updates), but in the third beta of Catalina users get treated to a dazzling display called Drift.

Drift is the latest screensaver option to come out of the macOS Catalina, and features light trails arranged in 3D and moving in a wave-like, drifting movement. Seeing them in action is beautiful and enchanting at the same time.

macOS Catalina New Screensaver

Users can customize the color themes on the Drift screensaver, including Spectrum, Silver, Space Gray or the color off your desktop wallpaper. Your computer’s graphics card takes care of the rendering while in this idle mode.

macOS Catalina is shaping up to be filled with new features, including the new Podcasts, TV and Music apps that will replace iTunes, Screen Time, Project Catalyst support, Find My and Sidecar for seamless external display options. Mac users can look forward to experiencing the new system when it gets released in fall.

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