Google patched its Chrome web browser on macOS following a high-severity zero-day bug that has existed in the software.

MacOS Chrome

‘Stable Channel Update for Desktop’ brings the browser up to macOS version 99.0.4844.84, with the same happening on Linux. The zero-day bug, CVE-2022-1096 is classified as a ‘type confusion’ glitch within the app’s V8 JavaScript engine. It’s said that details surrounding how the bug works and operates is kept mum until the majority of Chrome users have their apps updated.

Google has adopted the same stance regarding the zero-day bug details and mentioned that there were attacks made using the exploit. Restrictions surrounding the exploit will stay in place, and Google did not mention anything about a timeline.

The new Chrome browser version is available as an automatic update, but users can manually download it by going to Chrome via the main menu, then heading to ‘About Google Chrome’. A relaunch might be needed for the fix to take effect.


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