macOS Ventura Continuity Camera tests appear online


Prominent YouTubers have started testing the Continuity Camera feature on the macOS Ventura and showing the results online.


Continuity Camera is a notable feature that’s arriving with iOS 16 and macOS Ventura. It allows an iPhone and Mac user to have their smartphone as a webcam on a computer. Currently, beta users are able to test it out with special mounts from third-party companies.

Belkin has developed a Continuity Camera mount that can be affixed to a Mac for a webcam setup. iJustine, Brian Tong and ZolloTech have received prototype versions and used the back of the iPhone as well as a plastic lip to rest the smartphone at an optimal position. Continuity Camera is auto-activated and the Mac swaps its default camera to the iPhone’s.

Continuity Camera also brings up certain advantages, such as Desk View, Studio Light, Portrait mode and Center Stage. The Continuity Camera accessory is believed to launch alongside iOS 16 and macOS Ventura soon.

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