Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro to hit stores in May

Few days ago, Apple unveiled the new iPad Pros and at the same time also revealed its upcoming keyboard for the iPad Pro. Named “Magic Keyboard” for the iPad Pro, it will use similar keys as the one found on the iMac’s Magic Keyboard, MacBook Pro 16”, and the new MacBook Air.

The most interesting feature of the new keyboard for the iPad Pro is that it will allow the iPad to float mid air like the iMac. From the side, looking at the official images, the angle very much reminds me of the iMac. The iPad Pro has a lot of magnets which allows the new keyboard to just swap on the back of the computer (is it a computer though?).

Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro to hit stores in May

Trackpad support comes to the iPad

The other new addition to the iPad Pro keyboard is the trackpad. Till now, the iPad has not supported trackpad input but Apple appears to be looking forward to bringing more powerful computing to the iPad. The Mac is right now the platform used by professionals but touch support could very well help in some cases.

Apple is not outright saying that it will add touch to the Mac or that it will ever merge macOS and iPadOS but the future is very much looking like it. By adding trackpad input support to the iPad, Apple has bought the iPad very close to the Mac and also last year, the company showed off its plans to bring iPad apps to the Mac and the technologies to allow developers to do as well.

According to Apple, the new Magic Keyboard for the iPad provides a great typing experience and durable protection while being lightweight. The company also throws light on the fact that it does not require any fiddling with wires or connectors but that it just latches onto the iPad Pro.