Apple released the second generation Magic Mouse in 2015. The only difference between the first generation Magic Mouse and the second happens to be the way it is powered. The first generation Magic Mouse required users to insert two AA batteries whereas the second (current) generation Magic Mouse requires users to charge the product using a Lightning cable. 

Magic Mouse continues to be Apple's ill designed products

The major problem with the second generation Magic Mouse is that it requires the mouse to be flipped upside down to charge. Apple has placed the Lightning port on the bottom of the Bluetooth enabled Magic Mouse. So, if the battery of the mouse dies during work, users will be required to let the mouse charge for hours before it can be used once again.

Not the best but one of the best

The Magic Mouse is fun to use but it’s not the best mouse out in the world for Mac computers. However, it’s simple design and the touch sensor on the top for gestures makes it one of the best wireless mice. It’s an all around great product except for the way it charges. The first generation Magic Mouse was absolutely perfect but then the company had to implement the Lightning way of charging the accessory to reduce the impact, use and throw AA batteries have on the environment.

Apple is known for creating some of the best designed products. The iPhone, the MacBooks, and more are extremely well made machines which feel premium to use but at the same time, the design also serves a purpose. But that does not mean that the company is always right, for example, the Butterfly Keyboard was a major failure of the Mac laptops. The Magic Mouse happens to be one of those products and given the fact that the a new redesigned iMac is in the pipeline, according to noted Apple analysts, the Magic Mouse could also be revamped soon. 


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