Apple has released a new firmware for its MagSafe Charger product.

MagSafe Charger

The MagSafe Charger offers on-device charging for the iPhone depending on the connection. Apple is not known to provide notes or details regarding its firmware changes, and there seems to be no noticeable changes or additions. It’s safe to say that the firmware mainly focuses on optimization and bug fixes.

The 174 version is now replaced with the new firmware update, numbered 247 or 10M229. Most firmware updates automatically occur for MagSafe Charger owners as long as the right conditions are set. The update might occur over the air as long as the charger is connected to the iPhone and plugged in.

MagSafe Charger owners can see if their products have the latest firmware version by going to the Settings app. Simply connect the MagSafe Charger, then open Settings and General, then About and tap MagSafe Charger. A pop-up will show and reveal the pertinent details.


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