The MagSafe was a really interesting way to charge the MacBook as it used magnets to connect the device and the cable. It did not require the user to insert the cable in a certain manner and neither did it require the act of actually connecting the cable as it would latch on automatically when brought near the laptop.

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However, as the USB-C revolution began, Apple decided to ditch MagSafe in favour of the universal 24-pin connector system. The advantage of USB-C is that it is not limited just to the Apple’s ecosystem but also works across all other platforms such as Windows laptops, Android phones, etc.

But that does not mean that MagSafe cannot come back in the future. The MagSafe is so useful and interesting that it would totally make sense to have it on the iPad. In 2010, Steve Jobs said that we would be entering the postPC era with iPad (tablet in general) and we are living in the postPC era.

The iPad is a tool that a lot of people now use in place of their laptops or desktops. The Mac is great but a lot of things which could only be done on the Mac, can now be done on the iPad. Special thanks to the iPadOS which brought new desktop class features to the iPad.

As the iPad becomes more and more important, it would be a worthy move from Apple to reintroduce MagSafe as a feature on the iPad Pro. The pro grade tablet from Apple – the iPad Pro is sold as the futuristic tablet and having a magnetic way to charge the device would be phenomenal.

Will Apple actually ever release an iPad with MagSafe? Well, its difficult to say but we would be delighted to review such a device.

What do you think? Should Apple introduce MagSafe on the iPad? Comment your thoughts down below.


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