MagSafe: iPhone’s future charging mechanism

Apple unveiled the MagSafe technology on the iPhone last year. It allows users to charge the iPhone 12 series using magnetically attachable wireless chargers. Not only that, it allows users to use magnetically attachable accessories such as wallets, cases, car mounts, and more.

The branding MagSafe is not new, it was previously used on MacBooks. The MagSafe chargers were popular back in the day, as the MagSafe charger would latch onto a supported MacBook when brought closer. Also, it was easier to detach the charger by just pulling it – it was especially popular because it reduced the risk of the laptop being pulled when someone trips on the wire.

A portless iPhone in the works

The future of tech is wireless and Apple is reportedly planning to release a portless in the near future. The upcoming iPhone could be the first portless iPhone but it is too early to confirm the rumours. Apple could introduce a faster MagSafe charger to complement the removal of the wired charging speed which is usually faster than wireless charging.

The MagSafe chargers go upto a maximum of 15W charging speed. While it is not as fast as the wired charging speed of 20, it is not very slow either. However, Apple could introduce much faster wireless charging in the near future. The MagSafe chargers are expensive as of now but the scenario could change as it becomes more and more popular.

MagSafe: iPhone’s future charging mechanism
iPhone 12

The iPhone 12S or the iPhone 13 is expected to be largely similar to the current generation iPhone 12 in terms of design. It will of course include a newer chip – the A15 – which could offer slightly improved performance and could also be slightly power efficient. The major noticeable change reportedly will be the addition of an in-screen fingerprint reader – the return of TouchID in a new form.

Along with the next generation iPhone, Apple could also release some improved MagSafe accessories.

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