MagSafe on MacBook Pro: Return of the charging king!

Apple has reintroduced MagSafe on its new MacBook Pro laptops. The popular magnetic charging system was removed from Mac laptops starting with the 2016 MacBook Pro. The company introduced USB-C charging on all its Mac laptops in a move to introduce universal charging. However, the iPhone never really moved to USB-C and the MacBook Pro is now back to using MagSafe connector.

The advantage of MagSafe is that it easily latches onto the MacBook when brought nearby and it also disconnects in case someone trips over the cable. As a result, the chances of a MacBook being damaged in an accident of a charging cable being pulled are reduced with MagSafe. Microsoft has also emulated the same charging system on its Surface line of devices by introducing a magnetic charging cable that latches on.

Ports also makes a comeback

The new 14” MacBook Pro and 16” MacBook Pro are the perfect laptops for professional customers and business users who need high raw power. Apple has finally understood the kind of laptop that a professional user needs, it is moving back by rectifying its mistakes. The removal of all the ports from the MacBook Pro was a mistake and as a result, the HDMI port, the SD card slot, and the MagSafe are back on the new MacBook Pro laptops.

MacBook Pro notch: Utilitarian or a design choice?
MacBook Pro notch: Utilitarian or a design choice?

The other interesting move is the removal of Touch Bar from the MacBook Pro. While some people found the Touch Bar to be useful, the majority of the users faced issues or just did not find it useful or even worth the hassle or the extra cost. As a result, Apple has reversed the move and reintroduced traditional function keys on the new 14” MacBook Pro and 16” MacBook Pro.

The new MacBook Pro laptops are perfect machines for professional users who need to get serious work done.

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