Apple employees have received an internal memo that requires them to direct customers to mail in their MacBooks that are suffering from anti-reflective coating problems in the US.


The policy became effective January 4, 2021, which means eligible MacBook customers who are experiencing this issue will have to mail in their notebook to have it fixed. Understandably, the wait time for customers will be longer as it cannot be repaired at an Apple Authorized Service Provider anymore.

In 2015 Apple came up with a quality program regarding the anti-reflective coating problem on MacBook Pro and 12 inch MacBook models. Apparently the coating delaminated and wore off on Retina displays and prompted the company to deal with it internally rather than announcing it to the public.

Affected MacBook users can go to Apple’s official website and initiate the repair from there. Apple mentioned that those who paid for a similar repair can get a refund by calling Apple customer care.


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