Major Bug discovered in the latest Lightroom App update on iOS


The 5.4 software update for Adobe Lightroom iOS comes with a serious bug; users are not recommended to install or use it until the app is fixed.


The latest update for Lightroom deletes user presets and photos, and content that has not been backed up to Adobe’s cloud. Photoshop forums came alive when Lightroom users started posting complaints, and Twitter and Reddit soon followed suit.

The update bug deletes watermarks, edits, presets and photos, among other things. Users who only save to local are the most affected since they aren’t able to get back their photos on the cloud.

Adobe released the 5.4.1 update for iOS and iPadOS on Wednesday to prevent the glitch from affecting users. However, the company mentioned that the lost data is no longer recoverable. Adobe recommends affected users to try the iCloud backup restore option as a last resort, but says that they cannot restore deleted date on their end.

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