Majority of Retail IT Managers Prefer Apple Devices, According to Survey

An independent survey conducted by Vanson Bourne reveals that IT managers in the retail industry prefer Apple technology over Android or Windows-based devices.

The survey, commissioned by Jamf encompasses 700 decision makers in total. About 95 percent believe that mobiles allow them to boost employee productivity and optimize management and inventory planning. 99 percent of retailers have made use of at least one mobile technology in their stores.

More than 50 percent noticed better customer satisfaction after the deployment of mobile devices. 91 percent said that their sales processes were streamlined and their brand became more competitive with the inclusion of mobile technology.

When it comes to choosing what kind of mobile device IT managers preferred, it was clear that Apple came out on top. 76 percent stated they prefer Apple technology, while 48 percent said they utilized a mix of Android, Windows and Apple devices. 82 percent of the survey respondents report technical issues when using mixed environments.

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