Apple recently announced a new ebook coming off its Steve Jobs Archive on April 11.

Make Something Wonderful

‘Make Something Wonderful: Steve Jobs in his own words’ is an ebook that contains conversations and emails involving late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. It’s the first major release of the archive and will come in a digital copy. ‘Make Something Wonderful’ is meant to encourage readers to come up with their own things ‘that push the world forward’.

The ebook contains well-known details and images from Job’s life, and content that hasn’t been seen before. Some of the things are his comeback, time spent at NeXT and Pixar, his childhood perspective, and being forced out of Apple. The ebook has Laurene Powell Jobs at the introduction and Leslie Berlin serving as the executive director of the Steve Jobs Archive.

‘Make Something Wonderful’ will appear at the Steve Jobs Archive on April 11 and will be available to download for free.


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