Make your walkway more visible with the Ring Smart Pathlight, now $18 Off


Want your home’s walkway lighted every time you arrive at the doorstep? The solution is to install a Ring Pathlight to get much-needed illumination. Today, the Ring Smart Lighting Pathlight Starter Kit is down to just $58.48 from its original price of $80 on Amazon. That’s a $21 discount on a smart light that can do other nifty things.

Ring Smart Lighting

Each pathlight is 17 inches tall and provides a sufficient 80 lumens of brightness. They are perfect to install on pathways and areas where there’s foot traffic. Installing the pathlights is easy and only takes a few minutes. Being wireless and powered by batteries, you can just put them where you need motion-activated illumination on a 360-degree aspect.

The Pathlight is weather-resistant and sends real-time notifications to your device. You can even pair it up with your cameras or Ring doorbells for a connected home security system. The Pathlight works with Alexa so you can use your voice to turn on the lights or adjust its brightness.

Buy the discounted Ring Smart Lighting 2-pack at just $58.48 today!

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