Make Your MacBook Ergonomic-Friendly with this Discounted Aluminum Stand

The MacBook is a premium piece of work, but the one thing it doesn’t have is the ability to adjust to the user’s ideal height.

The Aluminum Multi-Angle MacBook and PC Stand by BoYata Direct is now discounted at just $30.59, down $19 from its original price of $49.99. The all-aluminum build looks great and matches your MacBook perfectly. You can adjust it depending on comfort to reduce eye and back strain, and for different purposes, e.g., watching, typing or sitting.

Four anti-skid pads ensure your setup will be stable, while hooks at the front secure your computer won’t slide off in inopportune moments. Ventilation holes cools down your computer better than laying it on a flat surface.

BoYata promises 24/7 online support and a risk-free money-back guarantee as well. You get 1-year manufacturer’s warranty in the mix if you ever run into any problem.

Get the discounted aluminum stand from BoYata today. Your back, eyes, and MacBook will thank you for it!

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