Man attempts and fails to smuggle 68 Taped-Up iPhones

A man attempted to get by port authorities with 68 iPhones taped to his body.

Cnbeta reported that a man had 68 iPhones taped to his lower legs, abdomen, and waist via adhesive tape on July 31. Officials spotted issues with the person and saw that the rest of his body was out of proportion. When stopped, the man was found to hoard dozens of iPhones attempting to pass through customs without declaring the devices.


Smuggling items through customs is nothing new, but it’s the first time a large amount of iPhones was strapped to a body. The man who smuggled the iPhones faced import regulation sanctions.

A woman who smuggled 42 lbs. of electronic contraband was arrested in 2017, while a man was held at the border of Hong Kong for attempting to bring iPhones to mainland China in 2015. In both cases, the phone mules had unusual walking postures.