Mario Kart Tour Multiplayer To Begin Testing Next Month

Nintendo’s foray into the mobile platform with Mario Kart Tour has been met with success, but as of the moment it’s lacking one key feature- a real-time multiplayer mode. All that’s about to change, as Nintendo says they will be testing multiplayer in December.

Currently, the social aspect in Mario Kart Tour only involves leaderboards and high scores but a beta test for multiplayer is expected to roll out in December.

Only Gold Pass subscribers can access the beta feature, which can be unlocked by paying $4.99 per month and includes Gold Gifts, Gold Challenges and 200cc racing.

Other than what was announced, there aren’t any more details, such as when the testing period begins and when it will end.

Mario Kart Tour can be downloaded for free on the App Store. To unlock the best features you will need to buy subscriptions and in-app items.

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