Maryland Apple Store workers unionize


Towson, Maryland Apple Store employees recently made history by voting to form a union in hopes of getting a higher salary and better working conditions.

Maryland Apple Store

CNBC reported that the Apple Store workers voted to join the Machinists Union, with 65 voting to join and 33 against the move.

Around 110 employees will be eligible to cast their votes and must do so until Saturday night. This came in even after Apple tried to placate its retail store employees by making several changes.

Votes will be verified by the National Labor Relations Board before negotiations could start between the union and the Cupertino-based company.

Apple people and retail head Deirdre O’Brien mentioned that employees have a right to join a union, as well as a right not to join a union. However, the Apple exec mentioned that the company wanted to establish a direct, open and collaborative engagement, and that it could change due to collective bargaining presented by a union.

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