13″ MacBook Pro needs the new keyboard

Apple’s butterfly keyboard is a failed project and its life is almost about to end. The company released a 16 inch MacBook Pro to replace the 15 inch MacBook Pro and in the process also added a better scissor switch keyboard. Also, the MacBook Air has been refreshed to use the new scissor switch keyboard.

The MacBook Pro 13” though on the other hand still uses the troubled butterfly keyboard mechanism. It was initially reported that Apple would release a 14” MacBook Pro to replace the 13” MacBook Pro and in the process, also add the scissor switch keyboard in March. However, there was no word about the MacBook Pro but instead the company released the MacBook Air.

This is the 13-inch MacBook Pro by Apple.

The new MacBook Air is great as it offers more base storage, starts at a lower price, uses a scissor switch keyboard, and also offers quad-core CPU customizations. However, the 13” MacBook Pro has some advantages over the MacBook Air as it has a much more forgiving airflow design.

13″ MacBook Pro needs the new keyboard

The MacBook Air’s body features a wedge shaped design which does not allow for proper cooling when running power intensive tasks. Some tech reviewers have said that the new 2020 MacBook Air can handle 4K video editing and some pretty performance hungry apps but also added that the machine will get hot almost instantly.

Also, a lot of people, including me, prefer the design of the MacBook Pro over the MacBook Pro – boxy and looks sturdy overall. Apple last updated the 13” MacBook Pro in July of 2019 when it ditched the MacBook Pro without TouchBar and added a proper quad-core processor to the base model.

13” MacBook Pro with scissor switch keyboard and also without TouchBar is the need of the hour. A lot of people have been hanging onto their old 2015 era MacBook Pros to avoid dealing with butterfly keyboard and TouchBar issues.