Medtronic announced that its 780G diabetic therapy system has been recently approved by the FDA.

Medtronic 780G Diabetic Therapy System

The Medtronic 780G is a system that comprises the Guardian 4 glucose monitor and an insulin therapy pump via a hybrid closed-loop platform that issues corrections automatically and based on the patient’s blood sugar. Meal corrections are also a feature, with estimated carbs and blood sugar spikes getting a stronger dosage to keep the user within the optimal range.

Bolus correction is also supported, as is the suspension of insulin should the readings show low.

The 780G works with the iPhone and Apple Watch in showing readings for low and high blood sugar. Currently, the system does not allow smartphone control of the insulin pump. Before purchase, users must get a prescription from a professional doctor. Those suffering from Type I diabetes can sign up directly on the official Medtronic website to be notified if one becomes available.


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