Messenger and Instagram chat becoming one service


Facebook Messenger and Instagram chat will be merging into one app. As mentioned by Facebook, the company intends to combine Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram chats as an all-in-one app for its users.

Messenger and Instagram

Instagram users will receive a notification to combine their accounts in Messenger, with added features and chat options when they do so. Accepting the option will add Facebook Messenger emoji reactions, colorful chat and swiping to reply on the Instagram platform.

Currently, Instagram users can decline the option as Messenger chats are not yet enabled, but this should be fixed in the upcoming days. Once successful, the next course of action is to bring the chat integration to WhatsApp. Since WhatsApp has a strong encryption technology integration with Instagram and Messenger could take longer.

Interested users can log into their Instagram account and see a pop-up notification asking if they want to enable the new feature. Benefits such as being able to chat with Facebook friends and others are highlighted on the splash page.


Samantha Wiley

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